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Vehicle Storage in Charleston, West Virginia

At Newco Car Care and Mini Storage, we believe in offering the most comprehensive set of vehicle storage services for all of our clients. With our large and secure outdoor lot, we can store your:
  • Boat
  • RV
  • Motor Home
  • Car
  • Trailer
Outdoor Storage Newco Car Care and Mini Storage Charleston, WV

Boat Storage

Our secure boat storage area will allow you access to your boat whenever you need it. If you want to work on your boat prior to putting it in the water before the beginning of the boating season, then you have the space to do that at Newco Car Care and Mini Storage. We can accommodate boats of all sizes, but we ask that you give us a call first to make sure that we can reserve a space for your boat.

RV Storage

We understand the challenges of finding a good RV storage lot, which is why we have taken care of every detail. Our spacious lot can accommodate your RV and leave plenty of room for you to access your vehicle whenever you need to. As with our boat storage, we encourage you to give us a call and reserve a spot for your RV to make sure that you can benefit from our secure storage service.

Keep Your Vehicles Safe

At Newco Car Care and Mini Storage, we can store much more than just your cherished family belongings. We invite you to take advantage of our spacious lot and to use our secure services to park your RV, boat, car, motor home, truck or trailer for any period of time. At Newco Car Care and Mini Storage, we give you peace of mind when you need outdoor storage.